A New Approach to Patient-Centric Electronic Medical Record and EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) Management

medXchange enables a more secure and effective sharing of patient health and medical data between the treating physician, consulting physician, hospital and clinic and other healthcare professionals providing continuity of healthcare. We manage the access and security to confidential medical and health data as well as the access to distributed sources through a meta database structure. (For example, physician practice management systems, hospital records, specialized clinical data servers, clinical laboratories etc.).

Key health and medical documentation of the individual is centralized in the Integrated Electronic Medical Record, IEMR. Medical knowledge base applications support the physician in Evidence Based Medicine case - disease management, therapy planning and outcome assessment. Specialized knowledge applications address separate healthcare market segments and needs. (Medical risk patients, Second Opinion, Behavioural Change Support, Occupational Health, General Healthcare Consumers, Medical and Dental Implants, Clinical Studies). Continuity of Healthcare
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Instant access to complete patient documentation, medical data and treatment outcome assessments increases the quality of healthcare, the productivity of healthcare providers and optimizes costs. The medXchange patient-centric medical management support assists in assuring continuity of healthcare for the individual, provides security when he is traveling, and supports the rationalization of the healthcare process. The electronic medical management services have a positive effect on the healthcare process and treatment of patients.

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